UPRT Training

UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) is a module delivered within the Integrated ATPL course, and as an option within the APA Training modular ATPL course.

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Objectives of the UPRT training

Improve the prevention and management of unusual positions by allowing pilots to confront them in flight. This method leads to better stress management, and thus frees up more cognitive resources to apply measures to return to a normal situation.


UPRT training is composed of a « basic » phase, made on the aircraft used throughout the training, and an “advanced” phase, made on TB-30 Epsilon.

  • 5 hours of theoretical instruction on the behaviour of aircraft when flown at their aerodynamic limits.
  • 4 flights (3 hours of UPRT “advanced” exercise) in dual control with a flight instructor on a dedicated aircraft. That allows students to experience, among other things, the attitudes of strong nose up or nose down, unusual inclinations or symmetrical and asymmetrical stall of the aircraft. Students will learn how to identify these situations, avoid provoking or exacerbating them, and recover from them correctly in order to re-establish a controlled flight.

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