The steps to become a pilot

with APA Training

1/ Your objective:
To become a pilot

If you are motivated, you speak English fluently and you have the essential skills for this profession, then don’t hesitate any longer and take control of your future !

2/ Submit your application

Joining Air Paris Academy is easy. Fill in our application form with all the required documents and submit it.

Once your application has been completed, we will call you back for the school selections, that may take place in Rungis or Tours.

3/ Assessment process

During the selection process, you will be assessed on a 1.5 hour maths/physics test, a 1 hour English test and a 30 minute interview with our management team in both English and French.

Following these assessments, you will know immediately if your application has been successful.

4/ Class 1 medical fitness

The Class 1 medical fitness is a compulsory certificate required by airlines.

We ask our trainee pilots to be in possession of this certificate on the date of their arrival at APA Training.

You will find hereafter a list of the different military and civilian medical centres authorized to deliver you the class 1 certificate.

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