The airline pilot school

Our story is one

of modern day pilots

Founded by former Air France pilots, APA Training has its own vision of expertise.

APA Training

The first private airline pilot school located on an airport, close to a military base.

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Contributing to the future of aviation
by training future generations of airline pilots

The perfect balance between heritage and innovation.

With the rise of new technologies, training airline pilots has never been so technical. APA training aims at respecting the culture and tradition of great men, pioneers in the history of aviation. while being modern and innovative. Today, APA Training is unanimously recognised for the quality and richness of its teaching.

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Avion entraînement pilotage

Our objective :

Your total immersion

Putting our student pilots in the field from the beginning of their training

Because a good airline pilot is a trained pilot, we do our best to ensure that you experience being an airline pilot right from the start of the course. From practical cases to in-depth learning in safety and risk management, our student pilots are up to date with the latest technological and theoretical advances.

Excellent teaching

Our airline pilot school currently has ten classrooms, and we had our 9th admission this year.

  • Our experienced instructors are from both the civilian and military fiels.
  • We use state of the art equipment : Flight simulators, aircraft, Garmin 1000.
  • Our partnership with the Institut MERMOZ brings together the best teachers in the aviation and aeronautics sector, and provides students with workbooks, tablets, and access to the online educational platform.

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