School life

As soon as they join APA Training, our trainee are taken in hand by the APAT Student association to allow them a quick and warm integration.

The APA Training Student Association (APAT Student) was created by and for the trainees of the school.

APAT Student was created in October 2019 by APA Training students that wanted to participate in the school development and to enhance the well-being and the level of excellence of other trainees.

Composed of a board and several committees, the APAT Student became a real asset for the school development.

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  • Tutoring: setting up regular evening classes
  • Sport: football, karting, etc…
  • Implementation of an A320 simulator
  • Partnerships: restaurants, bars, daily life
  • Former students: network, mutual aid, advice
  • Communication: School promotion
  • Events: Gala, meals and more to come

Role & missions

  • Help trainees pass their exams
  • Promote APA Training
  • Improve student life through local partnerships and sporting events
  • Ensure a post-training connection (alumni)
  • Act as a permanent relay with the school management in a continuous improvement process (pedagogical innovation, selections etc.)

The school