At APA Training, we actively listen to trainees to meet their needs and ensure that they are fulfilled.

Enzo Boarini


I joined APA after my A-level graduation, I would strongly recommend the training offered by this young and dynamical school, constituted by an efficient pedagogical team and their high airline experience. Located in Tours, it allows to be an actor of the high aeronautical activities on this airfield.

Matthieu DECLE

Quality training in accordance with the procedure that will accompany us during our whole career, the management and pedagogical team drive you throughout the training to optimize your potential. They will make you the pilot needed for tomorrow, with all the required discipline.

Pierre Rousseau


APA Training was an obvious choice for me. It has a very competent management team and teaching staff, and the latest generation of aircraft. This training is made in English, which allows us to get prepared for the airline life.

Pierre Larrayadieu


After eight years spent as an engineer in the oil industry, I have decided to change my career direction to become an airline pilot. APA Training has only confirmed my choice. The aeronautical experience of the teaching team and the proximity of the airport are assets that no other school in France can claim to have today!

Clément MOREL

Flying on the P2010 and then on the P2006T, I really enjoyed my training. I got even closer to my dream job: airline pilot. It has become possible because my instructors and their experience are issued from airline and military branches, and offer us a high-quality training. This discipline is necessary for our upcoming career.


I chose APA Training to change my career direction. I really appreciated the experience of a team coming from airline industry, and the quality of the theoretical program made up by the Institut MERMOZ.

Cindie Tresamini - étudiant APA


Aeronautic engineer, I decided to realize my childhood dream: becoming an airline pilot. Thanks to the Management team, really implicated to support us. The pedagogical team is really qualified, teaching us with a high English level, APA's students have all the required need to live their passion.

Timothé Clo - étudiant APA

Timothée CLO

APA reflects totally what I was expecting from a professional pilot school. The pedagogical team is always kind to respond to individual's needs, fully training in English offered by the instructors. All my instructors were competent, experimented and drive by the passion and always kind to transmit their experience. It's a great pleasure for me to continue to realize my childhood dream and find the path to the best office of the world, and this with APA.

Alizée Bouton - étudiant APA


A school with master-class team and perfect location. Fully English offered training by the instructor is perfect and open to everyone. Therefore I am happy to have chosen APA to start my pilot career.

Having recently joined APA Training after a business school and two years of professional experience in the industry, I must say that I found everything I needed to fulfil my dream of becoming a pilot. A passionate and enthusiastic staff (fighter and airline pilots), the aeronautical environment (classrooms overlooking the airport) : I have no regrets about choosing this school with its values of honesty and great ambition.

Jean-Baptiste BrunStudent Pilot | Integrated ATPL

I was seduced by APA Training for several reasons. The theoretical training is provided in English by the Institut MERMOZ which has more than 60 years of experience in the field of pilot’s training. The rigour and experience of the practical training team, most of whom are former fighter pilots. Also, the proximity and kindness of the teaching team is of great help on a daily basis to enable us to train in the best possible conditions.

Benjamin LangletStudent Pilot | Integrated ATPL

After years of experience as a Project Manager in the industry, I wanted to change direction and become an airline pilot. I am fully satisfied with my choice. APA trains the pilots of tomorrow thanks to a great teaching method which combines theory and improvement in English. The lecturers are also very experienced.

Mohamed El HARATIStudent Pilot | Integrated ATPL

When I knew, at the end of 2018, that a pilot school was opening in Tours and the training would be made in English I didn't hesitate to stop my studies in mechanics to follow the dream I've had since I was a kid. After 6 months of training I have absolutely no regrets, the teachers are passionate, and the technical team is attentive, no one is left behind! Moreover, the school is located at the airport, which provides additional motivation.

Ange-jean BeaudunStudent Pilot | Integrated ATPL

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