Our senior instructors

A team of instructors with a minimum of 4500 hours of flight hours.

Our team of former Air Force pilots allows our trainees to approach the profession of airline pilot with rigour and expertise. Our staff is made up of a dozen flight instructors and around fifteen theoretical instructors from the Institut MERMOZ.

François-Régis DELOBAL

Deputy Head of Training / Flight Instructor

Former fighter pilot. Flight Training Europe, training manager and program manager. PC21 simulator instructor. 7,300 flight hours including 4,500 hours of instruction.
Flight Instructor APA Training


Chief Flight Instructor

Jean-François JACQUELIN

Flight Instructor/FSTD Referent

Professional pilot, instructor, flight examiner. 12,800 flight hours including 11,000 hours of instruction.

Laurent MOROY

Safety Manager/Flight Instructor

Former fighter pilot and military instructor. Former RJ85 co-pilot, Sukhoï SSJ100 and CRJ-900 captain. Today instructor at APA Training and responsible for flight safety.


Safety Officer / Flight Instructor

Former fighter pilot with 10,000 hours of flight time including 3,000 hours of instruction and 3,000 hours of gliding.


Flight Instructor/technical referent

Former military air traffic controller and fighter pilot. Experience on Beech 100/350 at CAE aviation. 5,000+ flight hours.

Frédéric GALLICE

Technical Pilot/Flight Instructor

Former pilot on Mirage 2000N and instructor on Alpha-jet, 5700 flight hours including 4000 hours of instruction. Today, he is a pilot instructor and assistant to the technical department at APA Training.

Emmanuel DUMENIL

Flight Instructor

Former fighter pilot, aeroclub instructor. 4,500 flight hours including 2,400 hours of instruction.


Flight Instructor

Former airline pilot in England and Sweden, 2000 flight hours including 1000 hours of instruction.

Pierre Yves TASSAUX

Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor

Former fighter pilot with 4400 hours of flight time including 3400 hours of training in the Air Force. Responsible for monitoring the progress of students in the flight phase.


Flight Instructor

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