Modular ATPL Training

From €34 000

Achieve your dream to become a pilot!

APA Training offers the ATPL in a modular format, allowing
trainees to successively obtain
their CPL, IR/ME, MCC and FCL.055d certificates.
A tailor- made training offer, perfectly seized
for traineeswho already hold a PPL licence
and wish to progress at their own pace.


This ATPL Modular training will allow you to work for an airline as a first officer on commercial flights (type ratings are usually provided airlines).

Conditions for admission

The Commercial Pilot Licence allows you to fly for commercial purposes. Modular training allows you to take the certifications at your own pace.

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You shall be at least 18 years old when the licence is issued and hold a FCL.055 rating (English rating).

160 hours of flight experience (100 flight hours as captain, 20 hours of cross-country flight as captain, including a 300 Nm cross-country flight).

Hold the theoretical certificates (CPL or ATPL) with at least 2 months of validity remaining.

Hold a class 1 medical certificate

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