« Made in France know-how » based on excellence.

APA GROUP is specialised in the training of airline pilots, and has 3 subsidiaries involved in operational, logistical and theoretical training:

APA Training école de pilote de ligne

APA Training is an airline pilot school founded by former Air France airline pilots. It provides Integrated ATPL and Modular ATPL training. It is the only flight school to be based at an airport.

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This legal entity is dedicated to the investment and management of all operating resources related to aeronautical training.

More than a school, the Institut MERMOZ brings together the best teachers in the aviation and aeronautics fields, providing APA with very high standards in terms of education. To date, more than 45,000 pilots have been trained by the Institut MERMOZ

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Founding members

A human adventure

APA GROUP was born from the meeting of passionate men and women who are experts in aviation. Former Air France pilots, aeronautical engineers and educational experts are now passing on their heritage, in terms of know-how and soft skills.

The APA Training team


Airline Pilot Academy Training has established strategic partnerships at national and international levels to ensure that our student pilots stay at the cutting-edge of the latest technological and theoretical topics.

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