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Our fleet

APA Training has a fleet of 3 twin engine Tecnam P2006T and 6 single engine Tecnam P2010 that perfectly match the needs for pilot’s training.

We have two types of aircraft of the TECNAM brand :

Our fleet consists of TECNAM aircraft. TECNAM AIRCRAFT© is an Italian manufacturer established in 1930. Our aircraft are equipped with Garmin G1000s.


Manufacturer: Tecnam.

Engine: 4 cylinder Lycoming 215 HP

Maximum cruise speed: 120 Kts

Maximum range: 1220 Km /660 NM.


Manufacturer: Tecnam.

Engines: Rotax 912 S3

Maxmum cruise speed: 140 Kts

Maximum range: 1148 Km /620 NM.

Our flight simulators

As part of the practical training, we introduce our trainees to the various flight procedures using our flight simulators.

The aim is to make our trainees competent and confident pilots for all phases of flight.

Simulateur Alsim al250


The ALSIM AL250 simulator is a French fixed base simulato. It meets the FNPT II certification for instrument flight training.

Various aircraft models may be operated:

A twin-engine 2x180hp aircraft with a cruise speed of 150 kt (270km/h) equipped with an EFIS display
A single engine 160hp aircraft with a cruise speed of 105 kt (200km/h) equipped with an EFIS display

All types of weather and failures may be simulated. The force feedback of the flight controls is excellent and the 210°display allows very realistic visual approaches and runway circuits.

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