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APA Training : partner of the “Association des Professionnels Navigants de l’Aviation” (APNA)

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Association des Professionnels Navigants de l’Aviation

The Association des Professionnels Navigants de l’Aviation (APNA) is the reference organisation for the representation of civil aviation professionals. This association works in the interest of airline pilots. Its objective is to promote the profession among young people, to support employment and to assist retired pilots. It also helps finance airline pilot training and supports trainees in their professional projects.  Its role is also to support the profession against the illegal or abusive practices of certain airlines.

Partnership between APA Training and APNA

This partnership started from the observation that holding an airline pilot’s licence does not guarantee employability. Non-technical skills are also essential to the profession. APA Training’s main mission is to train future pilots in these soft skills through specific training modules.

To further increase the employability of our students, the school offers, in partnership with APNA, exclusive workshops to prepare them for job interviews. They are led by former professional pilots who share their experience.


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