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Two new graduates at APA Training!

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nouveaux diplômés chez APA Training

Congratulations to our new graduates: Enzo Boarini and Yves Benezit,who successfully passed their CPL and IR/ME tests.

It is a dream come true for these two fellow pilots. Enzo, who has been passionate about aeronautics since he was a child, has always had the ambition to become an airline pilot. Yves, on the other hand, started late.  After 15 years of working as a manager in the transport industry, he finally chose APA Training to start a new life.

These two students received their second stripes this week, symbolising their entry into the airline pilot family. They now have to pass their UPRT (Upset Prevention Recovery Training) and MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) certification to complete their ATPL.

We wish them a great success in their future careers. Have a good flight!


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