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The 3 companies of APA Group

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les 3 sociétés d'APA Group

APA Group has evolved a lot in the last few years. Founded in 2018, the group now has 3 companies specialising in operational and theoretical training, and logistics.

APA Training: Located at Tours airport, this subsidiary of APA Group deals with the operational part of our training courses. Owner of a fleet of 9 aircraft, the school offers practical training (integrated ATPL, Modular, UPRT) led by experienced instructors.

The Institut MERMOZ joined APA Group in 2019. Located in Rungis, it is recognized for its 60 years of experience,and handles the theoretical part of the training.

APA Logistics, the third subsidiary of the APA Group, handles the “logistic side” of the school (aircraft management, equipment, etc.)

Thanks to this collaboration, APA Group’s ambition is to participate in the future of aviation by training future generations of airline pilots.



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