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Congratulations to Matthieu Decle, new graduate at APA Training!

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nouveau diplômé chez APA Training


This week, Matthieu Decle (first promotion of APA Training pilots) received his second stripe. This former physiotherapist has successfully passed his last two tests (CPL and IR ME). We are happy to have a new graduate ! There is only one step left before he reaches his dream of becoming an airline pilot: the UPRT training.

This training in the prevention and management of unusual positions in aircraft is offered by APA Training as part of the Integrated ATPL training. Once this certification is obtained, Matthieu will be able to officially validate his ATPL. This is the last step before entering the family of airline pilots.

“I wish the greatest success to the pilots who follow me in the promotions of today and tomorrow. The sky awaits you” – he replied to his former classmates.

We wish him every success in his future career. Perhaps we will meet him again on a future trip!



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